What’s the best part about living in British Columbia? For most of us, answering that question is simply too difficult. Yet, certainly one of the best parts about living in this province is the wide variety of produce located just at our fingertips! Surrounded by beautiful land, perfect for raising livestock, and rich alluvial soil designed for sweet corn and other produce, Chase has a booming agricultural business. Did you know the organic agricultural section is growing? The Adams Lake Indian Band has begun to explore opportunities by setting aside 1,000 acres simply for organic production!

At Parkside Community we love to support local agriculture. We support and encourage our local farmers by cooking with local grown foods. We also use local, organic produce where possible, because we’re committed to producing an excellent quality of life for our Elders. To achieve this we provide a healthy, vibrant diet.

Food is also a great way to foster community! Our ‘Local Foods & Traditional Flavours’ was a roaring success attended by Elders and their families and friends. The dinner was scrumptious. For the main entree we enjoyed ¬†locally raised, perfectly tender organic roast beef with a side of yorkshire pudding. To polish off dinner, we also enjoyed a delicious blueberry cobbler made from locally grown blueberries.

To accompany the delicious food, we also provided a variety of entertainment. There were two raffles with excellent prizes, great conversation, and tons of contented smiles!

We are so grateful to our wonderful chefs and local farmers for providing the food for our ‘Local Foods & Traditional Flavours’. We’re also very grateful for our Elders who provide the conversation, laughter and smiles.