Personal growth and activity improves everyone's well being.

At Parkside Community, we strive to assist our seniors not only with their physical needs but also with their overall well-being. Our services don’t end at assisting with the activities of daily living. If required or requested, we offer assists in all aspects of their lives by developing a personal growth plan with them and reviewing it on a regular basis. It is designed to improve their well-being and allows them to enjoy their life to the fullest at Parkside Community.



Committed to the well-being of our seniors we are delighted to offer a range of services.

Assisted Living residents;

  • Consistent Medical Attention: Our LPN directed care services work closely with the residents physicians to ensure their care plans are being followed. 
  • Healthy Diet: Our meals are tasty, healthy, and social. Mealtime is an opportunity for residents to satisfy their appetite in addition to meet and chat with friends. Mealtime also gives our staff a chance to serve and care for residents; keeping track of appetite and overall health.
  • Peace of mind,  24/7 care aide assistance available.


Due to the connection between recreation and well-being, Parkside Community is committed to providing a range of diverse and stimulating activities. Our activity program is designed to match personal abilities, be enjoyable, and provide social stimulation and fun! Plenty Of Activities To Choose From:

  • Exercise Class
  • Bingo
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Carpet Bowling
  • Tile Rummy
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Outings: Bakery, Lakes, Festivals

Of course, our residents are unique individuals with a range of interests and abilities. We always respect the limitations of our seniors and are happy to tailor activities so everyone can enjoy them.